The LOAS Ambassador Program™

Would you like to volunteer your time and talents toward our pursuit of equity, excellence, holistic development and community outreach? 

If so, you are the ideal candidate for our LOAS Ambassador Program! 

Program Features

The LOAS Ambassador Program™ is a free service-based mentorship opportunity offered through The Life Of A Scholar, LLC. (affectionately abbreviated as LOAS).

LOAS Ambassadors are a select group of volunteers that believe in the LOAS Philosophy and help LOAS promote its activities in the community by utilizing social media and participating in at least two in-person or online events hosted by LOAS. 

LOAS Ambassadors benefit from the program in several ways:

  • They receive complimentary and discounted coaching, consulting, and training services - such as a free monthly coaching call with our Founder & CEO
  • They gain volunteer experience which is highly desirable for future college applications and job opportunities. 
  • They earn certificate upon completion of the program to document and celebrate their participation. 
  • They are recognized at our Annual conference which occurs each November.

Application Process

To apply for the  LOAS Ambassador Program™ you must complete an online application and email your resume to

Please click here to complete the online application. 


Click on a file to download.