What an Inspirational young woman! Callie Womble spoke to a group of High School girls who came to Raleigh for College visits. She spoke with them in a way that they could truly relate to and helped them to see new possibilities for their future. Callie told them it was ok and even good to start thinking of themselves as Scholars. When we left we had several new Scholars in the making thanks to her encouraging and motivating presentation. She is working diligently and striving to attain her educational goals all while reaching back to help bring along others.

― Lynette Love, WIN (Women In Numbers For Jesus)

My experience with LOAS was inspiring and enlightening. Each day during the summer that I worked with my fellow interns and with Ms. Callie Womble, I was overjoyed to work among people who shared their ideas with me while respecting my ideas. I was able to learn how to use social media in new ways. I was inspired to help my peers as I posted inspirational quotes and information regarding Scholar Academy. I was able to learn new skills and the meaning of a Scholar. The internship program at LOAS truly helps to cultivate leadership, communication, time management , decision-making, and organization skills. These skills now help me in school and in life. Working with LOAS was fun while being beneficial to my life.

― Kristen Gilyard, Intern

Ms. Womble spent a day with our under-resourced, first generation students to teach them about the Gates Millennium Scholarship, but she ended up doing so much more than that. She encouraged our students, reaffirming the belief that a college education was available to all. She inspired them; the twelve students she worked with left excited to write essays necessary to complete the college application. Lastly, in a time of such uncertainty for these seniors, Ms. Womble committed to our students; she has agreed to come back on several occasions to continue to provide guidance to our scholars in their GMS application process. Our students have been impacted by Ms. Womble’s teaching, and now have solid foundation in not only the GMS competition, but scholarship and college applications in general. Thank you Ms. Womble for all you have done, and will continue to do!

― Rocky Moon, Program Coordinator, NC State Upward Bound

I have known Callie for a while now. She has always been a supportive person and we connect to discuss career goals. Most recently I contacted her concerning some questions I have about admissions into a Higher Education Doctoral program. Callie was able to ease some of the anxiety I had surrounding the admissions process and choosing the program that best fits me. She was able to provide me with a great tip that I had never heard before… this really helped me narrow down some doctoral programs. She also gave me other great advice pertaining to funding and research. I know that once I am admitted it is because I started off with some really great advice from Callie. I look forward to connecting with her again soon!

― Whitley Grant, Client

Tamara Keanu McGee and I had an amazing time yesterday at The 1st Annual Scholar Academy in Durham NC. Thank You Callie C. Womble for the Awesome work that you do.

Continue To Be Blessed With Your Great Work! ‪#‎RaisingAScholar‬!!

― China McDade , Scholar Academy Parent Participant

Throughout my master’s program, Callie has served as a mentor and a resource for me in countless ways. As a Student of Color, Callie’s strategic support has transformed my success from overcoming the Imposter Syndrome to honing my personal statement. Both innovative and compassionate, Callie’s commitment to success is beneficial to any student who has the desire to thrive in the 21st century!

― Marshall Anthony, Jr., Client

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